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Asia Tech Podcast is the voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem featuring the latest trends from Asian startups, investors and ecosystem builders. Over 200 podcast episodes published. 8 unique podcast shows. Listeners in 80 countries worldwide. 

Podcast highlights:

  • [12:40] Why did Amber Chook start TEDxRoppongi in Tokyo? We listen to her background story, life at university, starting out on the career path at 19 and showing people that there is another way rather than just be part of the Japanese corporate machine
  • [22:45] Why don't Japanese women ask questions at work? The subtle pressure on women at big Japanese companies and in society in general
  • [37:10] How does Amber measure the impact/success of TEDxRoppongi? The key is measuring the legacy of the event - how many people go on to create something after coming to TEDxRoppongi?

metropolis magazine


Metropolis is Japan's No. 1 English magazine, covering the nation's culture, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for both local residents and aficionados abroad.

TAKING CHARGE: Three Female Entrepreneurs in Japan

Women in Japan often struggle to climb the corporate ladder and scramble to find suitable daycares for their children. Generally speaking, a whiff of female empowerment or institutional change is met with skepticism and apprehension in many professional environments. But while we’re all drowning under these seemingly endless waves of pessimistic tides, many are taking matters into their own hands and kicking some serious ass.

Metropolis decided to interview three female entrepreneurs who are doing just that, and invited them to share their stories. In this interview, Amber Chook talked about working her first full-time job in Japan and introduced her latest career women empowerment initiative SheShaped.



invited talks


hosei university, tokyo, Japan


Hosei University is a long-established private university established in 1880. Hosei University ranked as one of the six top universities in Tokyo.

After graduating from the Faculty of Global Interdisciplinary Studies in 2017, Amber Chook was invited as an alumni speaker to present how events can build a strong network for job-hunting at Event Management course. 


akin asia, bangkok, thailand


AKIN ASIA brings together leading professionals from across Southeast Asia. With a focus on celebrating women and creating a space to connect people, share ideas, inspire and educate. 

Amber Chook was invited as a guest speaker to Bangkok Breakfast Network to talk about dealing with gender issues in the workplace in Japan, what to expect in the year ahead, and how her latest career women empowerment initiative SheShaped aims to be the solution.

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