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Womenwill a Google initiative to create economic opportunity for women everywhere and help transform ways of working to make workplace practices more inclusive.

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Swissborg is a crypto wealth management platform powered by blockchain and smart contracts. Ranked world's 8th largest ICO in 2018, Swissborg raised 50 million Swiss Francs (US$54 million) with over 23k participants from 149 countries. 

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G(irls)20 is a global program for girls advocating for change through the annual G20 Global Summit, with the mission of cultivating a new generation of female leaders and increase female labor force participation worldwide.

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the 24-hour woman


The 24-Hour Woman  platform is designed to help women all across the globe to consciously design and transform the way they live and work so they thrive in life—whether as women leaders or those seeking a healthier work-life balance.